The Magic Palette By Juvia’s Place – Review & Swatches!

I fell in Love with Juvia’s Place after trying out the Zulu palette as my first ever Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette. Now, I want them all!

But I can only afford that much at the time, so I just have to collect them one by one. But my next pick after Zulu obviously had to be The Magic Palette because of the large selection of very interesting shades.


The packaging is as always very funky and different. And the inside of the palette alone makes it deserve it’s name to the fullest.


The quality is pretty consistent. The mattes are pigmented, and easy to blend. A bit stiffer than many formulas that we are familiar with from for example Lorac or Anastasia, but that does not have to be a bad thing. They don’t give that much kick-back, and maybe you have to put that brush into the palette one extra time, but that is completely fine because the shades can easily be built up.

The metallics are quite dense, so I feel I have to use a little bit more pressure when picking it up with a brush than I do with many other shades. However, they are pigmented as a dream and smooooth as butter.


The two first rows have a bunch of warm red and orange tones with pink, rose gold and gold metallics. Some really pretty everyday looks can be made with these. Or you can rock a deep purple eye with glitter as an everyday look too if that’s what floats your boat. I just mean that these are the kind of shades I would be happy to reach for on a everyday-at-work basis.


The 3rd and 4th row are what my dreams are made of. The right bottom shade and left bottom shade looks almost black, but they are just such beautiful bright but deep purple and teal shades. These are the ones that surprised me the most because I expected a bit more boring shades.

Metallic greens like this also just happen to be what my green dreams are made of. They are perfection, and I can’t count how many times I picked up this palette just to swatch one of those shades.


If you don’t know Juvia’s Place pan size you are in for a treat! They are huge! And since these shadows are packed with pigment they will last you a lifetime. If I ever see a project panner working on this and succeeding I would be beyond impressed. In other words; you get a lot of product for your money.

The pan size is very similar to the Sugarpill eyeshadows if you know them. They are 4 g each, compared to a regular pan shadow that is 1.5 g (MakeupGeek, MAC etc).


I am sorry to sound biased, but to me this palette can do no wrong. I am not biased by the way, I bought this palette myself. I just love everything about it. The shades, the quality, the fun and quirky packaging. This is just up my alley!

Did you try this as well? Would love to know what you think about this too!




Throwback Thursday Makeuplook – Sugarpill Burning Hearts Palette.

I remember back in 2012 when I picked this up I was still working on my masters degree and was a poor student. I didn’t have nearly the amount of makeup as I do now, and I was in big lack of a yellow, and a red, and an orange. I just didn’t have any color under the sun.


This guy got very tempting to me because this was THE palette people used to create sunset makeuplook. This is a sunset makeuplook quad. Simple as that. Every time you saw an artist create a sunset makeuplook it was almost certainly that they would have used either this quad or some MAC shadow. So I picked this up with my hard earned money, and had so much fun with all those sunset looks I created.


I actually have a pretty decent dent in the purple shade because that is one of the most beautiful red tones purples I own, even to this day. So it still happens I reach for this if I want a great purple in my looks. So even if it is old it is still going strong.


Just to take a walk down memory lane I had to make a sunset inspired cut-crease.


  • Sugarpill Burning Hearts QWuad – Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love +, Poison Plum.
  • Tarte Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette – Plank, Booty, Palm.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel EYeliner 24 H – Black.
  • MakeupGeek Gel Liner – Mobster.
  • Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara – Black.
  • Kiko Vibrant Eye Pencil – 604.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro60, Bro10.


This quad, even though it is very old, are still being sold. So if you want a little quad to make sunset makeuplooks with, or if you just want to get your hands on a killer purple shade, then it is still very possible. This is actually to this day the only Sugarpill product I own. I feel like the brand is not talked about that much. But I would like to know a bit more about what they have to offer, so I would really appreciate any product recommendations if you have tried anything!



I got a few empties to share with you!

It is filling up in my empties bin again, so I will make a couple of these empties posts now ans distribute them as I see fit. I don’t want to drown you in my pile of empties, but after all, sharing empties is a great way of sharing reviews. Both good and bad!

I tend to write more positive reviews on my blog. Not because I don’t encounter products that don’t work for me. It’s just so much more fun to share the good stuff!


I don’t really have bad stuff to share with you this time either. Sorry to get your hopes up. But it’s not only favorites I will repurchase either. Lets just get on with it!


I am a bit LUSH fan, so I have some LUSH empties to chat about:

#25: American Cream Body Lotion: Similar scent as the conditioner and it lingers really well on the skin. No need for additional perfumes wearing this. It is not the most nourishing lotion, but sinks into the skin very fast and does not feel heavy. My boyfriend thinks I smell like grandma, I think I smell awesome. If you like the conditioner scent and have not Saharan-dry skin I think you will like this too. If they would only restock!

#26: BIG Sea Salt Shampoo: This is also a BIG favorite. I love the scent. I love how rubbing those chunky grains of salt in my hair feels (that came of creepy), and I love how much volume it gives my hair. It just feels so refreshing. I already have another tub in my bathroom ready to go.


I know if you follow my blog you have seen these before. My holy grail body butter I have been using non-stop for 5 or 6 years now! These are two scents that were a part of their fall collection (I am sure it will be released again next fall too), so I will just describe the scents and what I think of them since it should be fairly obvious by now that I am a huge fan of the product (I have like 25 jars or so stashed)!

#27: Haus Of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Drift Wood: Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses and damp oceanic breeze.

Even though this scent is lovely it is not exactly my taste. It was a bit heavier than I expected, and a bit more masculine. I could have easily mistaken this scent as a mans perfume, which is not a bad thing, it’s just not what I want my body butter to smell. Could be great if you are into unisex fragrances.

#28: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Narcosa: A thick haze of tonka and black vanilla, three jasmines, tuberose and ylang ylang.

Sweet, pretty, floral scent. I really like this. May pick it up in the next fall release, but there are so many big favorites released at that time so I may focus on those instead (like Grimore or Hex).


#29: A’Pieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream: Super light weight and hydrating cream. Works well for me in summer, but is a tad too light weight in winter. Does not have much “extra” benefits, but it is a nice, simple and very affordable cream if all you want is to hydrate your skin.

#30: The Saem Urban Eco Harakeke Firming Seed Oil: Smells like sesame seeds! Nice hydration oil. Gives moisture but sinks into the skin quite quickly and does not feel tacky or heavy. Don’t know much about how firming it is.

#31: NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Taupe: I really liked this! Color is good for every day, the tip is very precise, and it is very firm so it is easier to apply without messing up and making it look too dark. I would not mind getting this one again!

And those were all I had for this post. I still have a little bunch of empties to go through, so there will be more empties coming shortly. I just like keeping them short and sweet so they are not boring to read (or time consuming to write).

Did you try any of these products? I would love to hear your opinion if you did!





The Magic Palette By Juvia’s Place – 10 looks, 1 palette!

There is something about the unique and different palettes from Juvia’s Place. Gorgeous colors, huge pans and pigmentation that is close to perfection. What’s not to love about them? I really feel inspired by The Magic palette, so I have been playing around with it to create some looks. The shadows are an absolute dream to work with, if you ignore the fallout from the darker shades.

Hope you enjoy these looks. I would love to know if you have this palette and know about a great way of combining the shades! Let me know your favorite combination if you have any!

As usual all the products are listed below each picture.


  • The Magic Palette: Kesi, Nana, Zakiya, Ife, Kogi, Vai and Yemoja.
  • L’Oreal Baby Doll Mascara.
  • MakeupGeek gel Liner – Immortal.
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Grand Cru.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro10, Bro30.
  • House of Lashes – Knockout.


  • The Magic Palete -Kesi, Zakiya, Kogi, Yejide, Buzom Yara and Boronu.
  • L’Oreal Baby Doll Mascara.
  • MakeupGeek gel Liner – Immortal.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro20, Bro40.
  • Kiko Smoky Eye Pencil – 02.
  • House of Lashes – Knockout.


  • The Magic Palette – Ife, kesi, Yemoja, Faso, Kogi, Zuba.
  • Lancôme Volume-à-Porter mascara.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro70.
  • House Of Lashes – Knockout.
  • Kiko Smart Eyepencil – 805.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Yejide Buzo, Yara, Aja.
  • Lancôme Volume-à-Porter mascara.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • MakeupGeek Gel Liner –
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro70.
  • House Of Lashes – Knockout.
  • NYX Fauxwhites – Mintcream.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Nana, Zakiya, Kogi, Zuba, Osun.
  • Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette – Bonobo
  • Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Liquid Liner – Black.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Black.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro20, Bro50.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 401.
  • Huda Beauty Lashes – Scarlett.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Ise, Nubia, Boronu, Yemoja, Faso.
  • Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette – Bonobo
  • Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Liquid Liner – Black.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Black.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Silver Jade.
  • Huda Beauty Lashes – Scarlett.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Ife, Yejide, Faso.
  • L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Black.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • Kiko Twinkle Eye Pencil – 04.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 405.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro90, Bro70, Bro10.
  • House of Lashes – Boudoir.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Aja, Yara, Buzo.
  • L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Black.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil – 412.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro90, Bro70.
  • House of Lashes – Boudoir.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Vai, Yemoja.
  • Mac Paint Pot – Blackground.
  • Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h – Black.
  • H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil – Grand Cru.
  • Lancôme Volume-à-Porter mascara.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro30, Bro10, Bro70.
  • House Of Lashes – Knockout.


  • The Magic Palette – Kesi, Nana, Zakiya, Boronu, Nubia
  • Lancôme Le Crayon Kôhl – Noir.
  • NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder – Syntetica.
  • Zoeva Brow Spectrum – Bro50.
  • Lancôme Volume-à-Porter mascara.
  • QIC Kill Black Double Eyeliner Pencil – Black.
  • House Of Lashes – Knockout.

The more I played around with this palette, the more I loved it. So many options, so many colors, so much fun! I will have a review of the palette itself up on Friday so you will be able to read all the details!





My Makeup Collection 2018: Highlighters!

Together with my eyeshadow palette collection this is the part I’ve been most excited to show you guys. Highlighters have become such a popular thing. I can well remember my first highlighter that I got around 8 years ago. It was not a big thing back then, and just something I applied on rare occasions. Now it is a part of my everyday routine, and my collection has become a lot larger than the 2-3 product I used to have before.

Do you ever thing a completely matte face will be a thing again, or do you think highlighters are here to stay?

I hope they will stay, because I need to use all this stuff!


  • Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Winter Solstice
  • Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Summer Solstice
  • Youngblood Illuminate Palette
  • Zoeva Winter Strobe Spectrum
  • Colourpop Gimme More
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Sundipped Glow Kit
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit
  • Violet Voss Rose Gold Highlighter Palette
  • Sigma Chroma Glow Highlighter Palette
  • BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette

I got my nice selection of bigger palettes in one picture here. Just for fun I like to sum up how many different ones there actually are. So 8 palettes with 6 shades each makes 48 individual highlighters and 5 palettes with 4 each makes 20. So in just these palettes I got 68 delicious shades to choose from. Gosh!


  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Apricot
  • Tarte Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette
  • Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette
  • Smashbox Spotlight Palette – Pearl
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Nude
  • Chi Chi Wall of Shimmer
  • NYX Strobe Of Genious Palette
  • Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette
  • Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder – Pink Glow
  • Estèe Lauder Pure Color – Topaz Chameleon
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Warm Nude
  • Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter – Kitten
  • Sleek Highlighter Palette Distorted Dreams
  • MakeupGeek Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Lightscapade
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Semi Precious Pearl
  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – Fairly Precious
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish- Soft and Gentle
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish- Refined
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish- By Candlelight

8 small palettes in this picture, with 32 shades in them. Then I have 12 single products, including my beloved old-school MAC collection. A total of 44 individual highlighters here!


  • Kiko Dazzling Highlighter – 03
  • Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow – Stunner
  • Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid – Light/Irredecent
  • Isadora Strobing Fluid Liquid – Cool Glow 80
  • L’Oreal True Match Highlight- Golden Glod
  • Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter – Luminous Gold
  • Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter – Starlight
  • Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – Celestial
  • Iconic London Illuminator – Shine
  • Estèe Lauder Michael Kors – Very Hollywook
  • Essence Pure Nude Highlighter – Be My Highlight
  • NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder – Snow Rose
  • NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder – Synthetica
  • The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome
  • H&M Illumination Lustre Powder – Delicate Pearl
  • Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder – Candlelight
  • NARS – Albatross
  • NARS – Satellite Of Love
  • Mineralogics Luminescence
  • Everyday Minerals – Wet Sand
  • Colourpop Super Chock Cheek – Lunch Money
  • Loose Highlighter from Etsy
  • Mac Cream Color Base – Pearl
  • LA Minerals – On Stage Innuminizer

I got mix of single pans, powders and liquids here. 24 altogether.


  • Colourpop Pressed Powder Face Highlighter – Twinkle
  • Lancôme La Rose Iridecent Blush Highlighter
  • Isadora Face Glow Prisma Wheel – Rainbow Highlights
  • I ❤ Makeup – Dragons Heart Highlighter
  • Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer – 001
  • Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – Molten Rose Gold
  • Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – Molten Gold
  • Hope Girl Illuminating Powder – Ivory
  • YSL Touche Blush – 16
  • Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter – Ice Kiss
  • Jeffree Star Skin Frost – Summer Snowcone
  • The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer
  • The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer
  • MAC Beauty Powder – Light Sunshine
  • The Bloomery Cosmetics – Pink Pearl
  • Dior Diorific Splendor – 001
  • Too Faced  Candelight Softly Illuminating Translucent Powder

The last picture here have some of my real gemstones like the limited edition Dior powder, or the rose highlighter that are items I value a lot. 21 individual shades here.

It brings my full highlighter collection up to 157 shades. I know there are some more hiding around in face palettes but I can’t be bothered to figure it out. Lets just say I am well equipped as it is!

Probably won’t stop me from getting more though. I am a collector after all.

Do you have any big favorites?







Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

One of the most instagrammable (yes, that is a word now) palettes from Zoeva that I’ve seen in a long time! The packaging is absolutely stunning with the dark background, flower decor and gold details. It is both eye-catching, unique and beautiful!


If you have seen my eyeshadow palette collection you know I have a weakness for Zoeva palettes (if you haven’t and you are curious you can find it here. There are tons of goodies to look at here, not just Zoeva Palettes). I am really fond of their packaging. It is so sleek and easy to store, and since they are quite compact I feel confident about traveling with them without them breaking. There is no mirror, which off course is a drawback for some of you, but that helps to keep the packaging so slim.


The inside is sooo pretty too. Not just the pretty decor and delicate gold detailing, but the inside also reveals the gorgeous selection of shades.

The shades are mostly shimmers, except one shade (the red) which is almost matte. The obvious thing about this palette is that it needs a companion, a sister palette, to create a full look with this palette. You do lack a base shades, crease shades or that dark matte do deepen the look.

You can however use this palette for simple daytime looks. This palette is filled with those easy going one-and-done eyeshadows where you can just put one of them on as a lid shade, blend out the edges and run off to work. So in that matter this is really great for every day of you are one of those who likes a wash of shimmery lid color o\on your eyes and call it a day. I found that except form the red, the blue and the really dark purple all the other shades are prefect one-and-done shades.

But, the shades that drawn me in can offer something more exciting if you want to get adventurous. The red and the blue are standout shades that offers the possibility to create really different, bold and unique looks.


The quality of the shades are very true to Zoevas usual great quality. The metallics are very rich and buttery, and easy to work with. There are no true mattes in the palette. The closest you will get it the red shades, with has a slight pearl finish when swatch, but basically looks matte on the eyes.


Overall I find this to be a very pretty piece, bot inside and outside. If you love soft metallics I think this will definitely be a hit!




My Makeup Collection 2018: Concealers!

Concealers are a lifesaver for so many of us! If you just want to look a little for awake it is so easy to just pop some concealer under the eyes and it makes the world of a difference. So we off course need some bits and pieces to choose from!


I still feel like I have a quite manageable collection of concealers. I do use them every day, so I don’t feel like they go to waist. I get good use out of every single concealer I own.


Just to give you the full list from left to right:

  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Vanilla.
  • Tarte Shape Tape – Fair Neutral.
  • Tarte Shape Tape – Light Medium.
  • Chanel Correcteur Perfection – 10.
  • Maybelline FitMe – 15.
  • Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Perfect & Cover Concealer – Light.
  • NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer – CW02.
  • Bare Minerals – Stroke Of Light – Luminous 1.
  • L’Oreal True Match Concealer – 5 Sable Sand.
  • Catrice Liquid Camoflage High Coverage Concealer – 010 Porcelain.
  • Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light Neutral.
  • Smashbox Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer – Fair.
  • Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer – 01 Light Warm.
  • Everyday Minerals Concealer


So the total amount of concealers are 14. I am quite happy with this number. I think it is neither too much or too little. I did recently finish my Esteè Lauder Double Wear Concealer and I will definitely repurchase that one in the near future.

I do actually have a clear favorites among these guys and that is the Chanel concealer. That for me is the definition of concealer perfection! I do actually like most of these and except from the L’Oreal True Match and the Everyday Mineral concealers, I will repurchase every single one of these when I run out!

As always it will be exciting to see how my collection look one year from now when I plan to redo this series.

Are there some really awesome concealers out there I am missing out on? Let me know!